A guideline for choosing right plasma cutter

plasma cuttingPlasma cutters are used for cutting metals. Nowadays, everyone chooses a plasma cutter as it is more convenient than the traditional cutters like saws, cut-off wheels and shears. Plasma cutting is mainly used in the carpentry and metal work industry. It helps metal cutting to be faster and easier. It lowers down the cutting cost by improving productivity.

The process of using a plasma cutter is very easy, but choosing the right cutting machine to use in performing the cutting task is very tough. Some plasma cutters provide the option to add attachments and accessories for cutting. To know more about the plasma cutters.
Factors to consider

Before purchasing an actual cutter, first determine what kind of plasma cutting will be needed. There are two types of plasma cutters available in the market – manual and automatic. There are also some models available that can perform both the functions.

The thickness of the material is a vital point while choosing the right plasma cutter. The cutting capacity of the cutter should match the thickness of the material and thus, the rule of thumb is to be followed. The maximum thickness should also be considered that might be needed for later use.

Cutting speed is also another factor to be kept in mind. The speed of the cutting machine makes the process of cutting smoother and faster. It also determines the quality of the cut. In relation to speed, the plasma cutters provide three cutting standards – sever cut rating, quality cut rating and rated cut rating. Sever cut rating indicates the maximum material thickness. The cutting rate also becomes slower. The quality cut rating recommends thickness of the material. Rated cut rating shows the thickness of the material. It gives the maximum cutting quality with a smooth cut.

The cut width is also known as the cutting kerf. It is the amount of material that is cleaned or removed at the time of cutting. Narrower the cutting kerf, lesser is the material wasted. It is ideal for the cuts that need intricate shape. It allows the cuts to be more precise and detailed.

The capacity of a plasma cutter is calculated by multiplying the voltage and amperage. It depends on wattage. It is important to check whether the plasma cutter can produce the needed wattage in order to cut the material. Blown circuit boards, erratic cuts and transformer failures are the results of excess power supply. Thus, nowadays most of the plasma cutters come with power management technology.

Different plasma cutters have different fan configuration. Some cutters have a centralized fan to keep the centre of the tool cool, while others have the wind tunnels to prevent dust from entering into the machine. Some fans run only when it is necessary and reduces the amount of cutting in order to maintain the efficiency and quality. The size and weight are also the other important features that should be considered while buying a plasma cutter.

Therefore, with the right plasma cutter, any sort of cutting task can be performed with much ease and convenience.

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