Blend at ease!

blenders for smoothiesIn today’s kitchens, we cannot function without a blender. It saves time and comes as a very useful tool to posses. Smoothies can be quite difficult to make if you don’t have the correct tools. Blenders are commonly used for preparing smoothies. Selecting the best blenders for smoothies can be difficult, since there are many blenders available in the market, and all claim to be the best. Listed below are some of the best blenders that you can consider:

Blendtec TB-621-20

This blender has a powerful motor which is of 1560 Watt. With its powerful motor it can blend any ingredient easily and fast. Making your healthy smoothie when you’re in a hurry won’t be a problem with this blender. It also takes up limited space in the kitchen.

Few of the other specifications of the blender:

  • Pouring out your drink won’t be difficult because it’s pretty lightweight
  • Being only 15.5 inches tall, space won’t be an issue
  • It includes a 200+ recipe book, each which can be made in 90 seconds

The only drawback is its price, but having such a powerful and lightweight blender is a worth an investment.

Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender

Its unique design helps to blend all the ingredients evenly. Even while making smoothies the blender doesn’t leave any chunks and makes the drink smooth. With its blade system and Hemisphere shaped bowl, the content inside the blender moves from top to bottom. Thus this special design helps in getting a perfect blend.

Few of the other specifications on the blender:

  • Buttons are easy to use and are illuminated; you can read and adjust the time with the help of the LCD timer.
  • Pre-loaded speed setting help you to get the best out of the blender
  • Storing won’t be a problem as the cord wraps under the blender and it has a neat finish

Vitamix 1782 TurboBlend

The Vitamix has a large blending container which makes it easy to blend larger volumes at once. It comes useful when you have a large family or if lots of guests come over. You can even make extra drinks or soup and store the extra to save time.


Few specifications of the other specifications of the blender:

  • You can blend thicker ingredients and mix at ease with the tamper
  • The lid is spill proof lid and the plug can be removed. Without turning off the motor you can add more ingredients.
  • With its long 6ft power cord you can easily place the blender to a convenient spot

Even though it has two speed settings, it won’t be an issue as it is better to have a simple blender. Its unique simple design allows you to blend easily without getting you confused. This blender is the perfect choice for those who want to blend more at a time.

Vitamix 5200s Black

The Vitamix is an ingenious blender. With its large container making extra drinks won’t be an issue. For tougher ingredients it has a tamper, and a lid plug that can be removed while blending to add more ingredients.

Few of the other specifications of the blender:

  • Different speed options which helps to make blending easier.
  • It has an old fashion dial control which looks very classy and has a sensitive control
  • It also has a long warranty of 7 years.


Making a choice among these blenders can be difficult as each has a unique design and features. Selecting the one that meets your needs solves all the confusion though.


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