Great Bluetooth Speakers For Cars


Bluetooth Speakers For CarsBluetooth car speakers are very ideal accessories for many reasons the most notable reason being they help reduce cell phone related accidents. Very many car accidents taking place worldwide are as a result of cell phone use i.e. calling, receiving calls and texting while driving. Although many countries have outlawed cell phone use while driving, many people still practice this dangerous habit in an attempt to stay connected and updated.

This is where Bluetooth speakers come in handy. They allow drivers to stay connected in a safer manner that doesn’t expose motorists to danger. Although drivers are supposed to concentrate fully on driving, Bluetooth speakers don’t take away much attention compared to typical cell phone use. This is precisely why every car owner should invest in a great Bluetooth car speaker. Below are some great options for you.

1. The Motorola Roadster Bluetooth speaker (Price: $52.99)

The Motorola Roadster is an excellent option for you if you are looking for a great Bluetooth speaker for your car. This can be attributed to the speaker’s features which are perfect for in-car use. For instance, the speaker features dual microphone technology which filters out road noise. The speaker also has a listen and dictate messaging feature with the MotoSpeak application that allows you to send text messages while driving without touching your phone.

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The Motorola Roadster also has Wireless music streaming and FM transmitting capability which allows you to answer calls and stream music from your phone via your car’s speaker system. The speaker’s battery life is also impressive i.e. you can talk for 20 hours after fully charging the speaker. At just $52.99, the Motorola Roadster is undoubtedly a great Bluetooth car speaker to own.

2. The Jabra Cruiser 2 Bluetooth Speaker (Price: $71.95)

This is another great Bluetooth speaker for cars. The Jabra Cruiser stands out from many other Bluetooth car speakers because of its unique design and features. For instance, the Jabra Bluetooth speaker features an acoustically optimized design which makes the speaker produce very rich clear sound. In regards to features, the Jabra speaker comes with a powerful speaker and noise blackout dial microphones. The speaker also has an advanced multiuse functionality which allows two active connections simultaneously.

The Jabra also allows you to transmit music as well as calls to your car’s speaker system. It is also possible to connect the speaker to your car’s FM transmitter. Other notable features include the ability to download your phonebook into the speaker’s memory allowing you to tell who is calling. From the above information, is accurate to conclude that the Jabra Cruise is a great Bluetooth speaker for cars.

3. The iKross Bluetooth speaker (Price: $32.99)

There are many great things about the iKross Bluetooth speaker starting from price. Compared to most Bluetooth speakers in the market today and the speaker’s features, the iKross Bluetooth speaker is reasonably priced. Features like noise suppression and echo cancelation are mostly reserved for pricey Bluetooth car speakers.

The iKross however has these features and many more i.e. one touch answer, voice dialling, full duplex sound quality, up to 10 hours talk time and 450 hours standby time. Additionally the speaker also has an advanced built in speaker and microphone. It doesn’t get better than the above features for $32.99 which is precisely why the iKross is a great speaker.

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In summary, the above Bluetooth speakers are great in their own right. It is however important to note that there are other great Bluetooth car speakers depending on individual preferences. This article should therefore be used as a basis for further research if you want to choose from a wider selection.

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