Portable record players at minimal prices

VSC-550BT-BK Victrola VintageVinyl record players are the oldest mode of music players, which are still available in the market even today. Not only do the hard core music professionals like the DJs’ but some music enthusiasts are also interested in these vinyl record players. Apart from these people, some of us also buy such record players as decor in our living rooms. However, with the advent of portable vinyl record player, people are also buying vinyl record player to listen to their favorite music in the old school way while travelling around. So, here in this article we will guide you to buy the best portable record player for yourself.


Some of the advantages of portable record players are mentioned below.

  • These portable devices are way cheaper than the complete vinyl record player, their household counterpart.
  • Because of its smaller size and less powerful speakers, portable vinyl record players are suitable to be used in smaller areas.
  • As the name suggests, you will be able to carry it anywhere with you.
  • Some of the portable vinyl record players come with battery power options that let you listen to music on the go.

However, travelling with your precious vinyl collections is quite risky as these are quite costly and susceptible to external damages quite easily.  So, you need to be extra careful. Now, we will guide you by writing about what to look for in a portable vinyl record player while buying.

  • Some of the portable record players available in the market come with built in speakers, some of the devices come with ports for headphones or external speakers and some of the devices come with both. So, if you are looking for portable record player with built in speakers then you need to check the quality of the speaker.
  • You should also check the add-on features available with the portable vinyl players. Most of the record players come with two or three speed settings. Apart from that the cartridge, arm and he platter should be made of high quality materials to ensure longevity of your device. Even some of the record players come with RCA or 3.5 mm headphone jack, CD players and AM/FM radio. So, look for the features you want in your record player while buying one for yourself.
  • Another important part of a portable record player is how the device is powered. Some modern device can be powered using a USB port, some devices are battery powered and some of the devices can be powered only through AC power source. So, do consider the options and choose the one you need.
  • While buying a portable record player, the size of the device is of primary importance. So, choose the right size for yourself. There are plenty of size options available in the market. Moreover, the quality of construction is as important as its size. So, while buying a portable record player, do check the size you want and the build quality of the device.


Lastly, the price of the device is also important. If you are on a budget then it actually helps you by giving you a fewer choices and you can focus on the exact features you want in your portable record player.

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