Sewing machines for beginners

Sewing machines for beginnersA sewing machine is a device used to stitch materials, such as fabric, together by using threads. Since the inception of the industrial revolution, something like a sewing machine was needed and thus, invented to reduce the manual labour behind sewing work and make the production line faster and far more efficient.

Sewing clothes is connected to the lives of human beings very much inseparably. So, nowadays sewing machines for household uses is designed to be operated by a single person. Sewing machines used in industries and factories are larger in size and costlier and require more than one trained person to operate it. Here we will be concentrating on sewing machines to be used for household purposes by beginners. So, if you are a novice please go through this buying guide to buy the best sewing machine for beginners.

For learners and novice people, a basic and easy to use sewing machine will be appropriate. Beginners will not require any kind of extra add on features and uses, which result in high costs while buying a sewing machine. Presently, all the manufacturers of sewing machines around the world manufactures easy to use basic sewing machine for beginners. So, it may become difficult for a beginner to find a suitable sewing device for himself. Though by sorting out the features and selectively, choosing the features you require will in turn help you buying the best suitable sewing machine for yourself.

So, while buying a sewing machine for constructing clothes, curtains or to perform any decorative work you should check out the mechanical models. To buy an entry level sewing device for yourself, you should check out for the things described below which makes it easy to use for beginners –

  • Foot pedal control – The foot pedal of a sewing machine is located at the side or back of the machine. It uses a pressure driven mechanism to start your sewing machine or turning it off while you use your feet to generate the pressure. You should look for a sewing machine with a basic pressure activated foot pedal without any additional features for easy usage.
  • Thread tension dial – The tension dial is generally located at the top or front of the machine. This thing helps to stretch or loosen the tension on the thread you are using to sew. For easy and uncomplicated usage, beginners should look for a sewing machine with easy tension control with not more than five numeric settings to adjust the amount of tension in the thread.
  • Stitch selector – Stitch selector of a sewing machine is generally located at the front of the machine. It helps the machine to decide the type of stitches you are sewing. A beginner’s sewing machine should consist of only a straight or zigzag option with easy access the user and clear diagrams.
  • Speed selector – The speed selector of a sewing machine is generally located at the front or side of the machine. This thing helps you to set the speed of your sewing. You should look for a sewing machine with easy access to the speed control with at least three set points.

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