The best oil-less fryer for a healthier lifestyle

oil-less fryerNowadays, it’s important to adapt to healthy lifestyles for staying fit. Everyone loves to eat their favourite fried foods and it’s difficult to curtail their culinary desires. However, why not go for an oil less fryer which is a healthier, better and economical choice to maintain a healthy diet?

An air fryer is oil less in nature that utilizes air which is superheated and capable of making fried foods with less amount of oil. The benefits of using air fryer:

  • Less oil up to 70% -80%
  • Temperature, Time Control, Automatic Shut Off
  • Simple clean up, Dishwater friendly parts
  • Less Smell, Fast, Safe, Non Greasy, Non Messy
  • Does roast, fry, grill or bake
  • Cooling System, Exhaust System
  • Anyone with a hectic schedule and starting a new diet
  • Superheated air system reduces extra calories from deep fried fat foods
  • Superfast temperature increase from 3 minutes to above 300 degrees room temperature

An air fryer is expensive, but essentially a vital kitchen appliance, since while preparing wholesome food it reduces the preparation and cooking time, which ultimately leads to less cleaning. Cleaning is an obvious part of cooking. Since almost all air fryers are dishwasher safe, cleaning is not difficult at all and very simple.

Other than frying food, an air fryer supports functions such as grilling and baking. Since the appliance has extra facilities for accessories, an air fryer’s automated cook setting is a unique function where users don’t have to worry about temperature or time settings.

There are a number of air fryers available on the market. Prior to buying one, these are the features to be considered:

  • Capacity: Every day quantity and type of food to be cooked by the air fryer is important to be understood. Even though the cooking time is less, if the same food is prepared in batches, it’s a waste of resources and an inconvenience as well.
  • Wattage: Air fryers usually consume above 800 to about 1400 watts of power to function. So, knowing the kitchen outlet’s support for this range of power supply is important.
  • Size: The size is another vital factor. For space constrained kitchens, large sized air fryers are not appropriate. Choose one according to the available kitchen space.
  • Settings: Users can cook various types of food through these different temperature settings. Therefore, users should decide on that particular air fryer required for the type of food to be cooked.
  • Price Range: Although, extra features such as multi compartments and digital displays may be necessary, these extra features plus the various brands or sizes can change the pricing of the products.
  • Additional Features: A multi-level cooker permits the users to prepare various types of food all at the same time. As a result, this increases efficiency and ultimately reduces cooking time.

In every modern kitchen the air fryer is an absolute asset. It is appropriate for anyone searching for a healthy hassle free cooking alternative. Its cleaning and easy maintenance aspect adds extra benefits to this kitchen wonder appliance.

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