The Different Types of Cordless Drills Suitable for Different Applications

A cordless drill is one of the most important tools for people indulged in any construction related work or even for taking on simple home maintenance tasks. These battery powered equipment are powerful drills capable of handling a wide range of drilling driving jobs easily and conveniently.

Offering plenty of excellent features such as quick charging time and user-friendly design, these drills are built with a perfect combination of power and functionality. That is why these cordless drills are the most sought after drilling equipment for both DIYers and professional tradesmen.

As a very handy portable equipment suitable drilling into wood and various materials, cordless drills are the perfect tool for any home improvement project. In fact, some of the high-quality drills are powerful enough to handle construction jobs as well as metalworking and woodworking projects.

Cordless drills are classified into four different types according to their function and application. These drills are classified as Cordless Hammer Drills, Cordless Screwdrivers, Drill Drivers and Impact Drivers.

Cordless Drill Drivers – This type of cordless drill is considered to the must have drilling equipment, it is also one of the most efficient tools of all cordless drills. Designed to provide superb performance and built with great features, this type of drill are commonly compact in size and light in weight. Available with torque clutch settings this drill is a suitable for a wide range of applications. Cordless drill drivers are also built with a powerful battery and a high-performance motor.

Hammer Drills – The hammer drill is the most robust type of cordless drills, as one of the most effective types of drilling equipment, it’s a drill that every homeowner should have. Featuring a hammer drill functionality, this drill type is a tool capable of drilling holes into various materials such as wood, concrete and metal.

Dewalt Brushless Hammer Drill

Cordless Impact Drivers – A type of cordless drill excellent for driving screws. Specially designed for driving applications, this drill type is not meant for removing bolts and nuts. Therefore, this device should not be mistaken with the new impact drivers.

As a tool that functions as a high-speed screwdriver can drive even the longest screw with ease. Which makes it best used for construction projects related to sheet metals such as tin roofs and barn siding installations.Combined with drill drivers, these impact drivers maximise productivity and efficiency.
Cordless Screwdrivers – These tools are built with a very small and compact design that allows them to be easily fit into pockets, providing great portability and convenience. Weighing around one pound or less, these cordless equipment features a bendable head that enables them to work in confined and obstructed spaces.

Designed for handling lighter tasks, looking for the best suitable and appropriate cordless drill is a daunting task that requires a good amount of research and efforts. Due different classifications of these devices, choosing the right equipment should be based according to the requirements of the task, applications to be used for and the purpose for the tool.

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